Insurance Information


The Birthing Center of Buffalo fees specifically include:

  • All prenatal and postpartum visits, as well as a newborn examination
  • Access to the Birthing Center of Buffalo facilities for your labor and birth attended by our clinical team
  • Postpartum home visit with Birthing Center of Buffalo clinical staff
  • Nutrition education and support, including one-on-one counseling sessions when needed with our Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Breastfeeding education and support, including one-on-one postpartum breastfeeding support from our Board Certified Lactation Counselor
  • Postpartum counseling and support
  • Assistance in obtaining insurance reimbursement

Our fee does not include laboratory tests, sonograms, amniocenteses, post-date testing, or hospitalizations. Your insurance can be billed directly by the facilities rendering those services.

Insurance that includes maternity care typically pays three fees:

  • Provider Fee – to the physician or midwife who sees the patient for prenatal care and attends the birth
  • Newborn Fee – for evaluation of the newborn baby
  • Facility Fee – to the place where the mother gives birth, either the hospital or birthing center

Currently we are in network with our local BlueCross BlueShield, Medicaid BlueCross, Amerigroup, Independent Health, Independent Health MediSource Medicaid managed care plan, and Nova. Cigna will pay out-of-network benefits for a Birthing Center birth. If you do not have insurance and are eligible for Prenatal Medicaid  you can apply through the New York State Marketplace. Just make sure to select Independent Health MediSource or Amerigroup for your managed care plan.

Although birth center births are more affordable than hospital births and have superior outcomes, we are a new facility for the area, and insurers are unfamiliar with the special care we provide. Other insurance companies do not currently reimburse the Facility Fee to the Birthing Center, and clients must pay out-of-pocket.