Please note, all of the following doulas are business owners and they are all qualified and able to attend hospital births, home births, and Birthing Center of Buffalo births. Your doula works for you, not your place of birth or your provider. Please contact doulas individually to find out more about their services and to set up a complimentary consultation!

Birth & Postpartum Doulas

Njeri Motley, CD



Njeri is a Certified Birth Doula through Life Cycles Collective Doulas (LCCD) as well as a homemaker and provider. She is married and the mother of 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy. 

Njeri believes that the power and strength given to women concerning childbirth is incomprehensible, honorable, and supernatural. 

Njeri has assisted family members, friends, and complete strangers in child birthing and her passion in this profession matches her dedication.

Njeri's objective is to give her clients the absolute best experience when welcoming their child into the world.

Njeri is now participating in the New York State Medicaid Doula Reimbursement Program.

Rebecca J Mercurio LMT, CD(DONA), RYT | Whole Nine Wellness



Rebecca’s 15 years as a massage therapist have taken her around the globe. She has worked in several countries and capacities, from medical facilities to luxury spas. She studied Yoga and Reiki throughout Asia and holds Certifications in Essential Oils, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Infant Massage, Pre/Postnatal and Vinyasa Yoga Instruction. Her skill set culminated when she found Doula work 7 years ago. Her extensive knowledge of and deep fascination with human anatomy found its place in the extra-ordinary anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth. 

Rebecca holds a BA from Fordham University, a NYS Massage License and is a Reiki Master. She works to educate and inform women and their families, advocate for and support them in every way possible during pregnancy and throughout the birthing process, and believes that engaging the partner is one of the most important tools in working through labor. Through Yoga and Massage she works with women to cultivate the mind/body connection to better prepare for the physically and emotionally transformative  experience of birth. 

Rebecca is a Buffalo native and owner of Whole Nine Wellness, LLC. Her son was born five years ago at a birthing center and is her single most favorite adventure.

Brenzella (Della) Williams, CD



Brenzella Williams (aka Della Williams) is the proud mother of 5, grandmother of 17 and great grandmother of 9; she has attended and supported most of their deliveries, and many others. Della has 19 years of hospital experience in Labor and delivery, nursery and postpartum.

It has always been Della's desire to support women in their decision to control as much as they could of their birth plans and births. Over the years she has witnessed the shift as the medical profession has become more and more willing and in agreement that women and their partners should have a more active role in the planning their deliveries.

As Della now takes on the role as a Certified Lifecycles Collective Doula (LCCD), she welcomes you and your partner to consider her to be a part of your birth plan and birth experience; she is looking forward to your interview!

Della is now participating in the New York State Medicaid Doula Reimbursement Program.

Mary Badame, CD, MA



Mary is a certified birth doula and has completed extensive certification training in assessing and assisting parents through postpartum mental health issues. She believes the most vital aspects of childbirth are the physical and emotional transitions of parents as they grow their families. She strives for improved education, autonomy, and accessible evidence-based care for everyone during this important time.


Mary focuses on the experience and intuition of her clients and values trust, compassion, and active listening. She provides comprehensive education and options in pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum, and newborn care so that her clients have the information they need to make the best decisions for their families.


Mary previously led an educational case management program for pregnant, court-involved women. Prior to this, she served as Coordinator for the Birthing Center of Buffalo, helping to develop the group prenatal care program and supporting families throughout the spectrum of pregnancy. Her master’s thesis explored power dynamics within the maternal healthcare system.


A passionate feminist, Mary holds several volunteer roles in the movement for reproductive freedom. She lives in Buffalo with her partner, Brendan, and their two tabby cats, Felix and Duncan.

Jennifer Lombardo CD, CPD, BEC, Better Baby Class Instructor | Buffalo Doula Services LLC

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The owner of Buffalo Doula Services LLC, a lifelong feminist, and birth activist, Jennifer Lombardo demonstrates a sincere desire to assist each family in connecting with their own pregnancy, birth, and postpartum choices.

Jennifer has trained with BAI and Stillbirthday as a birth & bereavement doula and breastfeeding educator, and with Life Cycles Collective Doulas as a postpartum doula.  She has also trained with Birthing From Within, Birthful, and is trained and certified in the use of rebozo techniques, placenta encapsulation, and CPR/First Aid. 

Jennifer is a long-time lover of photography, and has been capturing client's births for four years. She has become quite skilled in birth photography and capturing those amazing moments during labor and birth that may otherwise be forgotten. She is also a certified Better Baby Class instructor, and she and Liz offer a comprehensive childbirth education and newborn care class, "Birthing & Babies.” Jennifer has a special interest in infertility and pregnancy following infertility.  Having previously struggled with infertility herself, she has a unique understanding of the emotions, stress, and technology surrounding those who fight this battle.

Jennifer Lombardo is a born and raised resident of the Buffalo, NY area.  She's been married for ten years and is a proud mother to two incredible children.  She enjoys reading, being outdoors, and photography.

Malissa Larson, CD



After finishing high school Malissa moved to NYC to attain her B.F.A at The American Musical and Dramatics Academy and finishing up at The New School. Yoga was an incredible tool through college and in her theater career and in 2006 Malissa was certified to teach as a way to share what she'd learned. From this she'd cultivated a deep curiosity around the female body and the effects of balancing hormones during life transitions. In 2011 Malissa deepened her studies and became certified to teach pre-natal yoga. She has loved every aspect of the work. In 2012 Malissa took her doula training through Life Cycles in Buffalo NY with midwife Eileen Stewart and her amazing team. Malissa has been  teaching Prenatal yoga and attending births regularly since. Early 2018 she took a second doula training through DONA and is excited to be working towards her certification to become a member of the organization. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge and continuing this work with the community in Buffalo, NY. 

When Malissa is not attending births, teaching classes, and facilitating workshops you will find her at her yoga school, Ashtanga Yoga Buffalo. For more on her yoga experience and Authorization through KPJAYI see the Bio page at the AYB site. 

Currently, Malissa lives in the Elmwood Village in a cozy apartment with her cat Buddha. Often they are frequented by friends and family for dinners, laughs and rummy 500.

Malissa is participating in the doula pilot program.

Deidre M. Medina, LMT, Holistic Postpartum Specialist, Massage|Ebb & Flow Birth and Wellness



Deidre's journey with birth started when she witnessed her mother's home birth of her brother. Her brother's birth was not a time surrounded by fear. She remembers a flurry of activity and then waiting. Lots of waiting. Then finally immense joy at his arrival. Pregnancy and birth experience is a vivid early memory for her. Birth to her was always normal, not to be feared and beautiful. She knew she wanted to grow up helping people in some way, health-wise. It took her a while but she stumbled upon massage therapy.  She loves working with her clients and feels it is a privilege to support them while they carry the next generation. When she had her own children she learned of doulas and was trained through Birth Arts International to become a doula. She has had the privilege of supporting families not only during pregnancy through massage, but giving them the emotional, and informational support many families are seeking.  

Her experience with postpartum depression is another event that affected her path. With therapy she was able to regain her footing. That experience

has a special place in her heart when it comes to helping moms postpartum. With postpartum massage therapy as her particular passion, she believes that massage can help with anxiety and depression when a good plan of care is put 

together. To nurture a mom, or to teach her self-massage techniques to reconnect 

to herself is really a special privilege. She was trained and certified as a postpartum doula with Newborn Mother program with a focus on Ayurvedic care. Her postpartum doula program called Nurtured Mothers focuses on mom and supporting her body and soul. Helping her know that she has the knowledge within herself to care for and nurture her child.  

Pauline Goulah, CD, Childbirth Educator, Birth Photographer



When Paulines's daughter was born nine years ago, it was a doula who pointed her in the direction of the care and education she needed, which led to a beautiful birth experience for her. Now, she is working to pay that experience forward.

 Her belief is that birth is a normal, natural event that is of perfect design. She believes her job as a doula is to educate and remind you of this over and over again so you believe in everything awesome that is going on with your body.  There is a blind instinct that ensues with motherhood that can only be heard clearly in a calm space. She works very hard to protect that space necessary for birth. Motherhood itself becomes a positive journey once you feel confident in trusting your instincts.

Rachel Tibold, CD


Rachel is a wife and mom of 5 grown daughters in the Southtowns. She has trained as a birth and postpartum doula through DONA International and  has attended many birth conferences and workshops. She has experience in home births, hospital births, vaginal, cesarean and multiples. She supports and receives everyone who is birthing, including IVF and Birthing Centers. 

As a birth and postpartum doula, her goal for your birth journey is to foster an experience that offers you emotional, physical, and informational support, so that you feel empowered to make choices that meet the needs of you and your family.

Rachel is participating in the doula pilot program.