Placental Encapsulation in Buffalo & WNY


 Benefits of placenta encapsulation can include:
•Improved mood and energy
•Diminished risk of postpartum depression
•Decreased fatigue
•Faster involution (shrinking down) of the uterus
•Replenishment of lost nutrients, particularly iron
•Benefits to breastfeeding 


The Birthing Center of Buffalo is happy to work with Placenta Encapsulation Specialists who offer different options when it comes to placenta encapsulation. 

We can process your placenta using either the raw method, the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) method, and in addition a small piece of your placenta could be used to make a tincture, extending the longevity of your placenta and your ability to reap the benefits. 

Raw Method:
The placenta is placed in the dehydrator raw. The raw method yields a greater number of placenta capsules, and the capsules have a shelf life of 12 months. Raw capsules are more concentrated and often have a stronger effect than TCM.

TCM Method:
The placenta is steamed with herbs prior to being placed in the dehydrator. The TCM method yields slightly less placenta capsules than the raw method but has a much longer shelf life. The effects of TCM capsules are more mellow.

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More Information

We know our clients are capable of research and making choices that are best for them, but if you have any questions about whether or not encapsulation is right for you, we’re here for you! Our placenta encapsulation specialists take great pride in the encapsulation process. They treat every placenta with the respect it deserves and they follow proper labeling, handling, and sanitation guidelines as outlined by their training organization. Professionalism is important to us! 

Our encapsulation service includes:

  • proper instructions for packing and transporting your placenta
  • processing of placenta into 100-200 capsules
  • umbilical cord keepsake
  • standard (not color) placenta print
  • consumption/usage guidelines
  • in-person postpartum doula expertise (for those who choose in-home encapsulation)
  • continued support via phone/email throughout postpartum recovery

Great news! We are happy to offer the option of having the placenta encapsulation process done in your home!